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400 M
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16,2 %

PropertyGuru is the leading real estate website with headquarters in Singapore. The website was developed to give the opportunity to investors, buyers, or renters to find real estate in Singapore and other Asian markets.

PropertyGuru helps to find detailed information about the property with the photos and maps. The real estate website provides the selection of the most popular apartments, condos, commercial properties, and houses. 

The Singaporean website also has a special section where the investors, buyers, and renters can consult the real estate professionals. This section is called AskGuru. 

PropertyGuru also provides the property advertising packages that will be useful for the property owners or real estate agents who represent the owners. The website provides complete up-to-date listings of the properties located in Singapore and several other Asian countries to help the buyers make the investment decision. The investors can read the property market news, real estate information resources, and find out the historic transaction prices.


PropertyGuru was founded in the year 2007 and over recent years it has turned from the pioneering to one of the most trusted technology companies in Southeast Asia. The main problem that the company helps to solve for the consumers is to make the process of finding a house or apartment simple and transparent for all of the participants. Taking into account this goal, the company has entered several markets and employed over 1,200 Gurus.

The Gurus who work in the company have access to strategic and technical training. The values of the company are open communication, agile environment, and low hierarchy that helps employees to promote bold ideas.

The latest technological products issued by the company were PropertyGuru Lens and Home Loan Pre-Approval. 

Now PropertyGuru Group is present in 14 Asian Markets, including:

  • Singapore;
  • Malaysia;
  • Thailand;
  • Vietnam;
  • Indonesia.

PropertyGuru website has a lot of features that include tools and guides that cover every aspect of buying, selling and investing of real estate, market outlook reports with the analysis of the current trends in the market, the analysis of property market index and reviews of the project with the description of the location and investment potential. 


In 2006 the founders of the company, Jani Rautiainen, and Steve Melhuish were trying to find the property in Singapore. The process of finding a new home was quite challenging for them, so later they decided to create the real estate portal that solves the problem of searching for housing opportunities.

In the year 2007, the company was launched in Singapore. In 2008 PropertyGuru closed funding from angel investors and in 2011 the company closed funding from the venture capitalists. In the same year, PropertyGuru expanded the sphere of influence to Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. 

Later, in 2012 the proptech company made the strategic investment in Deutsche Telecom and Immobilienscout24. 

In 2014 PropertyGuru acquired several platforms including ePropertyTrack and RumanDijual in Indonesia. Also, the company closed funding from TPG, Emtek, and Square Peg Capital. 

Two years later the real estate company acquired Asia Property Awards. Then PropertyGuru made the strategic investment in and expanded its presence to the real estate market in Vietnam. In the year 2018, the company wholly acquired In the same year, PropertyGuru closed funding from KKR. 

In 2019, the company launched PropertyGuru Lens and Home-Loan Pre-Approval. PropertyGuru lens helps to search for the available housing opportunities using Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, phone camera, and the property data in the website’s base. Home Loan Pre-Approval is a free check for credit. 

Also, the company helps to solve the problem of homelessness in Asia. PropertyGuru supports BrillionBricks, the non-profit innovation studio that helps to provide infrastructure solutions to homeless people.

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