Exon Premier Review
Company Exon Capital Group Details
Fund Name:
Exon Capital Group
Net Assets:
40 M
1 Year Return:
17, 6 %

About the company

Exon Premier is a global real estate company that services mainly revolve around the sales and marketing of residential real estate. The team always pushes forward a smart strategy that includes transparent communication, honesty, and highly professional service with years of expertise. The company has selected team members who have many years of previous experience and successful cases in the industry. Thus, Exon Premier knows what and how to offer its investors and tenants successful results to gain their full and unconditional trust. 

Moreover, the company provides many advantages to invest in its real estate, clearness, and benefits of being a part of the publicly-traded stock. Real estate investment trust (REIT) is known for offering investors with stable dividend income, clearness, concurrent market results, protection from inflation, a multiplicity of a portfolio, and liquidity. 


Exon Premier offers many excellent options for investment that will help our investors to earn good profit. These good results engage more and more various sponsors all over the world. Moreover, Exon Premier plans to enhance the quantity of dividend payout. This way they can create bigger regular profit for their investors.  With that, the company offers:

  • Strong management

Real estate investment trust creates the possibility for an investor to purchase and own commercial property. Exon Premier has professional real estate managers who can help our investors draw benefits and make a profit without some big or small issues. Among these managers are people who know how to work with rent collection, room or property maintenance, marketing, and communication with the tenant. The investors’ task is only to receive well-earned dividends. 

  • Price affordability

Investors of real estate investment trust always has a beneficial place in our capital pool company. Mainly because he or she gets more opportunities in comparison if he or she were doing this complex process on his or her own. For instance, it is truly a feat to directly put money in a huge asset like shopping malls, hotels, or other properties.  Meanwhile, investing in these assets through REITs dissolves how of the personal issues, an investor might have. 

  • About the 50th avenue

Nowadays, Exon Premier develops 50th avenue apartment and office complex that has all the crucial ingredients for successful modern life. This complex is stylish, comfortable, has up-to-date apartments and workspace for people who value amenities and high quality.  Our designers have created a sophisticated architecture that has clean lines and sharp edges that make you feel like you are living in the future world. 

As regards the complex name. It is a clear reference to one of the busiest streets in the world that is located in New York City. Moreover, this street lives as the financial center of the United States. We hope our tenants will have the same bright life. 

  • 49 floors of a residential zone with apartments for tenants;
  • 34 floors of a non-residential zone with various facilities like stores, offices, and open-spaces. 

Based on the last description, our complex can become a great place for running your business. This non-residential zone with cozy offices is the best option for your team members, clients, and various clients.

Our 50th avenue complex offers you: 

  • Zone for sports and spa;
  • underground parking space
  • 2 lending platforms for helicopters;
  • swimming pool at the rooftop
  • 4 floors for shopping zone

There is another big advantage of the out multifunctional complex. This is a small number of cars near the building and huge territory for underground parking.  Moreover, we thought about the safety and entertainment of your children and create an up-to-date play- and sports ground. 

If we talk about the location of the apartment complex then it is located in a calm area with great and elaborated infrastructure. Besides, 50th avenue is quite close to the metro station, playschools, general schools shopping malls, fitness clubs, and supermarkets within a short distance. 

 Our complex is created for people who lead an active life, who have many goals and hobbies and know what they want from their apartment.  We offer our tenants not only a place to live but also an active lifestyle, good style, and high standards for living.

Appreciably, we have various clients who work as top managers, who are owners of successful business, IT specialists, and many other creative professionals. We build our relationship through responsiveness and mutual strength. Our clients are not afraid to take the initiative of their life and a successful future to make it as bright as possible. 

We are sure that apartments in 50th avenue can cater to all client’s requirements, even if they are quite demanding. Thus, Exon Premier’s developers created many different apartment planning and styles that can satisfy various desires of any level. Thanks to their years of successful cases, unique professionalism, and customized approach to every client we provide only premium options. Moreover, 50th avenue is built with the best materials that were chosen by qualified construction architects and contractors. 

  • Account offers

Besides, Exon Premier offers clients 4 types of accounts: VIP, gold, silver, and bronze. Choosing the account should be based on the client’s major aims, so that he or she can invest money into a suitable account and make use of the proper tools for expenses and profit. 

After choosing a certain type of account, any client can gain the dividends that in the beginning range from $10,000 to $500,000. Of course, the price of dividends can be even higher. Furthermore, a client’s revenue can be earned on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly basis.  It is up to the client to choose.  If a client chooses a VIP or gold account, he or she is going to get a credit card for his or her current account. 


All in all, Exon offers great opportunities for not only investors but also tenants. Moreover, the clients can choose the most working variants and gather many advantages from twenty-four-seven support, full security from experts, a quick withdrawal of funds, and suitable for both parties transaction and management fees.

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