Mubadala Review
Company Mubadala Details
Fund Name:
Net Assets:
10 B
1 Year Return:
16, 8%

Mubadala is an international company that implements sustainable and profitable investments in international assets. Since the founding of the Mubadala Investment Company in January 2017, it has been offering services worldwide through its regulated branches, thereby becoming a truly global organization. The members of Mubadala are convinced that their presence in various geographical regions allows them to provide customers with services and support wherever they invest. At the same time, Mubadala has actively been developing the economy of the UAE and successfully increasing national capital. The ownership belongs to the government of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

The value of the company’s assets estimates at $232.2 billion. The staff includes about 10,000 people, with headquarters in Abu Dhabi (UAE). 


Projects of Mubadala are operated in 30 countries and 13 industries. Their clients include leading manufacturers in such sectors as the aerospace industry, agriculture, semiconductor, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, renewable energy, as well as diversified financial holdings.


Aerospace portfolio of Mubadala includes:

  • Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park;
  • Sanad (the financial company that operates in commercial aviation);
  • Strata (the aero-structures company, aimed at producing aircraft products);
  • XOJET (aviation company).

Business in agriculture.

Mubadala has significant potential for the development of various niches of agricultural activity, which makes it possible to invest in small and medium-sized businesses all over the world. Their investment projects stimulate and develop efficient agribusiness production methods. One such remarkable project is Andromeda Seafood Group which specializes in the aquaculture sector.

Mubadala Capital.

Mubadala Capital, which was established in 2011, operates as a wealth fund. The company carries out businesses in private and public equity, venture capital, and credit. Mubadala Capital investments reach the amount of approximately $25 billion dollars.

Healthcare industry.

By investing in healthcare, Mubadala is interested not only in return on investments but also in increasing the life expectancy of citizens, increasing labor productivity, and accelerating the pace of economic development in the UAE. 

Therefore, Mubadala supports the healthcare centers and institutions of the world-class level as well as particular specialists in the health industry, among which are:

  • Health point (elite hospital in Emirates);
  • Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Center (healthcare service online with 24/7 support);
  • Amana Healthcare (hospital specialized in rehabilitation);
  • Capital Screening Center (a center that provides testing health services);
  • National Reference Laboratory (specialized in medical diagnostic tests).

Innovative technologies in the sector of communication and information.

Taking into account ICT trends of market development, Mubadala makes high investments in global assets. Among their investment sectors are telecommunications, the production of software, hardware equipment, and IT services. In addition, Mubadala implements high-quality opportunities such as telecoms, satellite operations, cognitive computing in national employment. Among projects are Emirates Integrated Communications Company, Injazat Data Systems, AI Yah Satellite Communications, etc.

Mining field.

Mubadala provides support for emirates domestic manufacturing and vacancies in the mining industry. In addition, Mubadala aims to create value industrial chains as aluminum, gold, etc. 

Portfolio of mining projects includes Equinox Gold, Sociedad Minera de Santander, Emirates Global Aluminum, etc. 

Real estate.

Mubadala makes big investments in real estate projects abroad. Their partners mostly are from Asia, North America, and Europe. Mubadala’s real estate investments are featured by geographical diversification, property, and investment style. Among real estate projects are Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi, Arabtec Holding, Sorbonne University, Zayed Sports City. 


Petrochemicals are the basement of the Mubadala business that was made upon Abu Dhabi’s legacy in the oil and gas industry. Mubadala uses its knowledge and experience in the oil sector in order to support the growth and success of petroleum companies, among which are Oil Search, Cepsa, Dolphin Energy, etc.

Medical field.

In pharmaceutical and medical technology, Mubadala invests in the development of digital healthcare, pharmaceutical, and technologies that are focused on home health solutions, and animal healthcare.

Renewable energy.

With the purpose of making Abu Dhabi the first center of renewables and innovative technologies, Mubadala highly develops and implements renewable energy solutions and clean technologies. 

Portfolio of renewables includes Masdar, London Array, Torresol Energy, Shams Power Company.


Mubadala founded and operated the world-class company GlobalFoundries. Its multi-functional solutions are highly used in implementing innovative products for market segments. Manufacturing coverage of GlobalFoundries is highly extensive in the European and Asian countries. 

Community infrastructure. 

Mubadala has established itself as a global investor in the utility’ infrastructure.  The company uses the most advanced technologies to achieve positive results in electric, water, and district energy sectors. Moreover, Mubadala supports increasing the number of vacancies for the communities and the development of human capital. The utility projects are Power Generation Company, Tabreed (National Central Cooling Company), SMN Power Holding Company.

Mubadala carries out strategic financial projects and invests in those fields of the economy that can use their competitive advantages such as professionalism, financial opportunities, the existing investment experience, and communications in all corners of the world.

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