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Net Assets:
80 M
1 Year Return:
17,2 %

Hmlet is a private real estate company with a Headquarters in Singapore. The company was founded back in 2016 to help people find suitable for their living conditions. Nowadays, Hmlet is a leading cohabiting company across all Asia Pacific.  Its work concentrated around Hong Kong. Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney.

The company has implemented quite simple but still working philosophy. Its team of professionals wants clients to do more and enjoy living conditions even more. The company provides the accommodating 30-day notice period, community benefits, serviced rooms for all members regardless of their quarters of society. 

Yoan Kamalski, CEO and Co-founder of the company, believes that to create suitable co-living properties they should certainly remember and implement members’ needs.  The essentials of these needs for the company are convenience, cost, and community. The company’s practice shows that their clients mostly want low-cost, unstressed living experience in a community where they match so that they can concentrate on important things in their lives.

Over the years of the company’s diligent work, it has more than 100 locations, more than 1500 properties, and about 90% of occupancy rate. 


As we said, Hmlet is a platform for a good living and lifestyle that provides co-living apartments and rooms for rent. As a rule, its clients are looking for beautiful properties that have complex convenience, riddance from leases, and the possibility to become a part of a small but exuberant community. 

Co-living is a well-known form of shared living space that was developed for target-driven lives. All properties developed by Hmlet possess a modern and urbanized lifestyle that revolves around supporting their members in the community to become more active collaborators and contributors.  Hmlet co-living provides various housing solutions for people who seek access to top-quality living quarters, more adaptable leases, and complex membership with housekeeping, utilities, and various social events. 

Its clients have more time for things that truly matter to them. Hmlet try to implement easiness in every aspect of the relationship with members of the community. They are ready to offer smart membership plans, various benefits, and perks that will make living in Hmlet properties even easier. 

Every member of Hmlet living spaces gets more for less effort and costs. They do not have any tiring chores and bosomed fees. Instead of this Hmlet offers a sustainable life where daily details are done by professionals. 

In terms of Hmlet smart membership plans, the company offers various utilities, fully-furnished apartments, unlimited access to Wifi, maintenance, weekly cleaning, the possibility to visit community events and support from experienced community managers, etc. 

All in all, Hmlet offers clients their homes but exactly on their terms.  Hmlet has properties for different preferences and lifestyles.  If clients want to live with great flatmates in the center of the city, the company knows what to offer. If they are searching for a variant where they can simplify their commute and switch to the central business district, the company also knows suitable variants. Even if clients need an apartment solely to themselves in a historic part of the city, Hmlet can provide a suitable variant. 

Membership benefits

Hmlet offers lucky deals where both parties win. Members have top discounts and perks at food and beverage merchants, wellness clubs, fitness, etc. 

Corporate Housing

Hmlet also provides easily accessible accommodations for big and small organizations. Each housing solutions have private rooms and even apartments with full professional services. 

Housing Variants

Hmlet offers full services private rooms or apartments in its co-living properties.  Among them: 

  • Private room in Hmlet co-living apartment, the price for which starts at $2,000. With renting one room, members can easily connect.  They can choose from a pocket, regular, or master rooms and live alongside people who have a similar mindset or can bring out the best in them. 
  • 1-Bedroom apartment or studio that starts at $3,690. With renting such an apartment, members can live to the fullest. They have big personal space (even in studio apartments) and maximum privacy not only for couples but also for singles who want to live their lives the way they see it. 
  • 2 or 3-Bedroom apartment that starts from $4,990. This variant is suitable for groups that have about 4 to 6 people. Hmlet assures that there is plenty of room even for 6 people because the company offers the biggest apartments. This variant is great for working people with families. 

A monthly rental that includes services, utilities, and amenities like quick wifi, weekly cleaning, washer, air-conditioning, utilities, regular maintenance, fully- equipped kitchen, community support. 


All in all, Hmlet is a great variant for people who seek complex solutions. Moreover, Hmlet is about: 

  • Customized detailed housing solutions

Hmlet has living spaces that are fully furnished and custom-designed. Monthly rental surely has weekly housekeeping, high-speed WiFi, and maintenance. Thanks to the Hmplet policy their tenants have minimum hardships and maximum value. 

  • Customized lease policy and invoice with no extra fees

Hmlet offers invoices and certain other documents per each company’s needs. Moreover, the company has simple lease extensions with no extra deposits or costs in case the client’s project is going to be extended. 

  • Free access to a world member base

Hmlet has a big member base that connects clients with different freelancers, professionals, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. This way they develop strong relationships and collaborate. 

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