Looking for an investment with a return in real estate?

While there are many proposals for investing in real estate abroad, only a few companies offer value-added facilities. The one who recognized this opportunity is the Exon Group company, which is owned by Israeli businessman Joseph Moskovich.

High annual profitability and real estate value growth by tens of percent in the future – such an offer to buy an apartment in an elite area of ​​the Ukrainian capital has never sounded more attractive.

About Picasso Project

Picasso Project
Picasso Project

It is expected that the Picasso project will become a model icon in Kyiv with the help of the design of the famous Ukrainian architect Sergey Babushkin. He has considered a legend thanks to his famous and modern works.

Babushkin has been an architect and engineers in Kyiv for many years, leaving his mark on a series of buildings that have become recognizable in Kyiv, such as the Globus Shopping Center on Independence Square and the reconstruction of the square itself, Premier Place Hotel, Parus Business Center, also the esplanade and more.

Now Babushkin is going to add another impressive building to the map of the Ukrainian capital, which is already of great interest to investors from all countries.

Multifunctional residential complex Picasso will be erected in the historical center of the city near the metro station Klovska, where tens of thousands of people travel daily. This complex combines the advantages of a comfortable, productive life and forms a unique offer in this place. Nearby are offices, beauty salons, restaurants, medical centers, entertainment, educational and cultural organizations.

Even before the start of the pre-sale, more than one hundred apartments were opened as part of a project that was open to existing customers of the company who made investments a year ago and already receive big profits from them. These attractive conditions provide buyers with selling prices below 50% of the market prices in the region, while they pay on low contracts and receive payments throughout the construction period.

The value of the real estate is expected to grow

Perfect investment for you
The perfect investment for you

Over the course of one and a half years, the value of the real estate is expected to grow by more than 50%, which will provide an annual income of about 14%. This investment will be beneficial not only financially, but also allow you to receive passive income.

The investor will receive an apartment, fully furnished and equipped to the level of cutlery, and even the general service of finding tenants for their property and all their needs.

UkraineRealty, the country’s exclusive Picasso reseller, is currently opening a pre-sale phase where 15 apartments will be offered for sale at a price of $ 44,000 for a fully furnished and equipped apartment. The company also offers buyers very favorable financing conditions: the required share capital is currently about 15,000 US dollars, and the balance of payments corresponds to the current progress of implementation over the next two and a half years.

Investors UkraineRealty, believe that this is a safe investment from all sides. In addition to the attractiveness of the transaction, the company also takes care of financial protection using the Leakproof Protection Protocol in the format of the Israel Sales Law, created by the law firm that accompanies the project, lawyer Avraham Lalum and Co.

Payments are made through the secure and secure Covercy money transfer platform. The meeting of the company owners with the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko promised support to Israeli investors in the city. The project is supervised by an international supervisor, controlled by the leading accounting firm BDO, and protected by the trust of the law firm Abraham Lalom & Co., which is one of the 500 largest law firms in the world.

The company and its owners have been building in Ukraine since 2009 for a total of more than $ 100 million. UkraineRealty says investors who bought apartments in the first stages of their previous projects at the presale stage now own an asset that is almost double the purchase price. Most of them do not plan to sell it in the near future, since, in addition to increasing the cost, they also receive rent, which brings a monthly income of about 13%.

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