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Fund Name:
Net Assets:
110 M
1 Year Return:
15,4 %

Blagovist is an independent Ukrainian real estate agency, which began operating in 1993. It provides a wide range of professional services from receiving an application to concluding a transaction. It has 8 branches located in different regions of Kiev, and cooperates with more than 800 specialists who provide customers with high-quality real estate services.

Blagovist’s Features

Blagovist is the largest network operator in the Ukrainian market of real estate services, which has the most comprehensive and constantly updated database of real estate in the suburbs and Kiev itself. Almost unlimited choice of housing allows the agency to offer each of its customers the most optimal solution for him in the field of rent, sale, purchase of commercial properties or housing.

The company offers its users an exclusive photo catalog of real estate, allowing you to independently evaluate the many possible options for renting or buying an inexpensive one-room, three-room, three-room, prestigious, luxury apartment or just budget housing. Also, a country house, cottage or land, as well as cafes, shops, offices, industrial, warehouse and other non-residential premises.

With 25 years of experience in the housing market, reliable services and consistently high professionalism, Blagovist assists clients in resolving the full range of real estate issues.

Blagovist competence is evidenced not only by positive customer reviews, but also by awards received at international and Ukrainian competitions. A deep knowledge of all the nuances of the field of activity, professionalism of consultants and extensive experience brought this company the status of a reliable partner among many individuals, foreign and Ukrainian companies.

Cooperating with the company, you can be sure that the contract will be concluded in accordance with the law, accompanied by highly qualified lawyers, in the optimal time and at the best price.

Blagovist Agency is constantly introducing highly effective and modern methods of promoting and advertising real estate. It provides the opportunity of virtual tours that give customers the opportunity to explore every corner of their apartment or house that they like, see the location of the object on a Google map and consider all the details of the interior. You can also watch videos dubbed by a professional announcer at and, as well as on the YouTube service, where they are posted on the company’s channel.

In the process of any transaction with property, it is very important to conduct a correct assessment of the property. A certified appraiser of the company is always ready to make a professional assessment of the value of any property for you. Turning to this agency, you can be sure that your house, apartment, commercial property or cottage will be appreciated quickly, efficiently and competently. Statistics of apartment prices by districts and arrays of Kiev is formed monthly based on company data.

Blagovist Agency is also interested in partners who want to start an effective business in the field of intermediary services for the sale, rental of commercial and residential facilities, using the experience, tactics and strategy of a housing market leader.

According to the company, competent legal support of real estate transactions is the key to trust and peace of mind. Highly qualified Blagovist lawyers are experts in the field of housing and can help you with any questions related to renting, selling, buying an apartment or other property. All clients of the company can count on full legal support of such transactions and legal advice.

The cost of these services is included in the cost of agency services. At the same time, one of the distinguishing features of Blagovist’s work is the constant monitoring of any changes in the Ukrainian legal field, therefore, all legal documents used by the company always comply with the latest requirements of domestic law. In addition, the conclusion of contracts of sale, rental of offices and apartments, recommendations of experienced lawyers and other services are carried out taking into account the specifics of each particular transaction, which guarantees you the legal literacy of all transactions that you make with housing.

Blagovist provides much more opportunities for his employees to improve themselves than any other agency. These are advanced marketing programs and IT-technologies for high-quality performance of work. Thus, it helps every realtor to realize their most cherished dreams. All their consultants can set a goal and achieve it, and it all depends on their perseverance and company resources.

All Blagovest specialists are guided in their work by the Code of Business Ethics, which formulates the key values, principles, business norms and rules adopted in their team:

  • Mutual respect, trust and support;
  • Customer orientation;
  • Teamwork and focus on the overall result;
  • Continuous learning and development;
  • Evaluation by personal result;
  • Adherence to common corporate standards.

The company also has a special Ethics Commission consisting of the management and senior staff of the agency, which on the basis of the Code of Business Ethics resolves all controversial issues that arise during the work process.

Everyone who turns to the Blagovest for real estate can be sure that there he will be offered exactly what he needs. It also provides a number of additional services to property owners, such as translation services when working with foreign clients, legal support of the transaction and expert assessment of real estate.


Employees of the Blagovist real estate agency will help you sell or buy property in a short time, lease or rent non-residential premises, a house, an apartment and profitably invest in objects. Quickly and in compliance with all the legal subtleties, they will help you complete all the necessary documents and find the right investment options.

Secure deal is the most important thing for every client. It is very difficult to make a legal assessment on your own, draw up documents correctly, and find the best property option in terms of price and quality. Therefore, in order not to get into an unpleasant situation, it is better to entrust such work to professionals. Especially if the agency has been operating in the market for many years.

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