AIM Realty Review
Company AIM Realty, Inc Details
Fund Name:
AIM Realty, Inc
Net Assets:
60 M
1 Year Return:
17 %

AIM Realty Kyiv is quite a promising and elite real estate agency in the heart of Ukraine. The agency’s services revolve around upmarket and luxury segments in Kyiv to offer the best luxury residential property for foreign customers all over the world.  The agency is privately held, so the control over the actions is mostly concentrated in one place. Thus, the team can provide quick results and preferable variants of luxury property. The AIM Realty Kiev was founded back in 2014 and since then the team has completed many successful projects.


To outperform other agencies in the field of luxury and upmarket real estate in Kyiv, AIM Realty Kyiv has developed its philosophy where the client’s needs and requests are put in the first place. The team of professional agents actively builds relationships with clients to offer the best variant in the end.   Moreover, the AIM Realty Kyiv agency offers:

  • full-cycle services in the real estate market to purchasers, owners, tenants, sellers creating a certain network where one party can find another one.  Among these services can be real estate purchases and sales, search for long-term tenants and rentals, management of property, management of assets, facilities, and leased office space;
  • strong support for each client. The team is ready to provide support on any stage of a relationship and even after the client found what he or she have been looking for whether it is selling property, purchasing, strong management or long-term rental;
  • a full understanding of the local luxury real estate market. The agency educates and explains what variants can be harmful to the client’s assets and what variants can increase their profit or make their life more stable irrespectively to conditions on the local or global market. 
  • a sea of suitable variants. The agency listens to, analyses, and uses all client’s requests. It can be anything. Starting from the location of real estate and finishing in colors of walls in the property. 
  • years of experience. Founders of AIM Realty Kyiv are first of all foreign experts in their sphere who have at least 15 years of expertise in global and especially the Ukrainian real estate market.
  • a small team of professionals who have seen and worked with the Ukrainian market in various periods of its development and, thus, they know how to act in different conditions to benefit and profit from it to the maximum. 
  • honesty and transparency that are implemented from the beginning of the relationship with the client. Otherwise, the team does not see how a successful project can be finished with the best results.
  • a team that fluently speaks English and some other European languages so that clients can feel at ease while explaining his or her needs and communicating with the agent.
  • a wide network where the agency can easily find exactly what the client has been looking for. As a result,  many projects are closed within a month.
  • the best technologies and practices that are used on a daily basis. It is all about quality and speed where both qualities are combined with the agency’s experience. 


Although the AIM Realty Kyiv agency was founded only in 2014 it has made huge progress in proving itself as a promising luxury real estate agency. Thanks to the location in Kyiv, the agency is directly connected to all local developments or changes in the local real estate market. 

Its main focus revolves around luxury real estate consulting in Kyiv, purchases, and sales of properties, management of various properties and facilities, long-term rentals pf properties, etc. AIM Realty Kyiv has various clients, from various spheres of life. They can be tenants, owners, purchasers, sellers. The agency tries to communicate with them even after the finished project this way creating a possibility to develop and enhance a network of people who are interested in the sphere of luxury real estate market.  The agency is young, however, it is quite promising in its field. The team is constantly developing and learning so that their clients can be sure of good results.

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