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Net Assets:
31 M
1 Year Return:
17 %

Kievstones is a real estate company that is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since 2014, the Kievstones real estate agency has been providing all types of services for the purchase, sale, and rent of apartments, office premises on the primary and secondary real estate market, houses, villas, and land as well as property management in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

The rich experience of Kievstones experts, the effectiveness of adapting to the market, providing full customer support at each stage of work, an individual approach to the requirements of each client guarantee the client the best conditions for cooperation, as well as transaction’s security and data’s confidentiality.


Kievstones offers a wide range of services, both for citizens of Ukraine and for foreigners in all segments of the real estate market. In addition, the company provides a full range of services for registration of property rights and real estate management. Services of Kievstones company include the following:

  • Work with tenants and buyers. 

The team of the Kievstones real estate agency helps clients to rent or purchase premises in Kyiv. The facilities that the agency offers are modernly renovated, high-quality, and with installed reliable household appliances inside. 

Cooperation with tenants and buyers proceeds in several stages:

  • selection of options that meet the requirements of the client and have the most favorable and comfortable conditions;
  • checking the history of the acquired property;
  • authentication of title documents;
  • consulting services, legal registration;
  • full support of the transaction at all its stages.
  • Work with sellers and lessors

Kievstones specialists work comprehensively with property owners. They help to sell or rent the client’s apartment, house, or office in the most favorable conditions. Cooperation proceeds in the next stages:

  • assessment of the property, making recommendations on the terms of its lease or sale;
  • searching buyers or tenants;
  • real estate demonstration;
  • collection and preparation of a full package of documents required for processing a transaction;
  • comprehensive transaction support.

Kievstones guarantees to help a client to sell or rent profitably and safely.

  • Paperwork and registration

Kievstones company has been providing legal services to Ukrainian citizens and foreigners. Real estate agency specialists have extensive experience in legalizing real estate transactions in Ukraine of any complexity. They work in accordance with proven practical legal support schemes for purchase and sale transactions, as well as other actions with real estate property for individuals and legal entities.

Kievstones agency is experienced in executing service of Ukrainian tax ID obtention that is needed for an foreign customer. This process is going legal and without corruption. It takes seven working days to get Ukrainian tax ID obtention. The documents which are needed from the side of non-Ukrainian citizen are passport copy and its translation, border stamp of client’s last entry to Ukraine (not older than 90 days), and a power of attorney for representing the client at tax authorities.

  • Property management

Kievstones real estate’s management includes assistance to the tenant without days off, maintenance of appearance and inside facilities of the apartment, payment of utility bills (gas, electricity, water, heating, internet), collecting the rent payment. Such service costs 10 percent of the client’s monthly payment. 

Advantages of Kievstones agency

KievStones agency emphasizes its core benefits, which are reliability, complete solution of the deal, a wide selection of properties, preparation and verification of documents, and the main, professional team.

  • Reliability

Kievstones agency accompanies the client at all stages, from the selection of a property, taking into account specific wishes, to the conclusion of the transaction. Their main goal is the satisfaction of the client with the quality of services provided by them.

  • A wide selection of properties

A lot of real estate owners come to Kievstones agency to offer their properties for sale or rent. Therefore, Kievstones has a wide selection of apartments and villas at absolutely reasonable prices. They have databases on all transactions related to real estate, so it’s easy and simple for their client to find the necessary option for the transaction.

  • Preparation and verification of documents

Kievstones agency is responsible for the honesty of real estate transactions. Employees of the agency carefully check the documents for real estate and also monitor the process of the transaction between the seller and the buyer. Specialists conduct all negotiations and ensure the security of the transaction. 

  • Professional consultations

Highly qualified specialists work in Kievstones company. The experts reveal the answers to all the customer’s questions. In addition, during the inspection of the premises, the Kievstones specialist gives recommendations on how to improve the appearance of the apartment, which will contribute to a more expensive sale.

  • Complete solution

Experienced realtors of Kievstones and lawyers are at the client’s disposal. The team fully supports the transaction of the deal: from the moment of application receipt to the registration of property rights and transfer of the real estate.

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