UTG Review
Company Ukrainian Trading Guild Details
Fund Name:
Ukrainian Trading Guild
Net Assets:
10 M
1 Year Return:
17, 5 %

UTG (Ukrainian Trade Guild) is a consulting company that was founded in 2001 in Kiev. The main services of the company are strategic consulting, real estate management, architectural design, investment and analytical brokerage, real estate development, marketing and PR. It is the largest broker with a full range of agency services.

It also offers the implementation of a full range of services at each stage of a development project for all types of real estate – from developing an idea to opening, managing and selling a project to an institutional investor.

About company

Since its inception in 2001, UTG has taken a leading position in brokerage, consulting and leasing of residential and commercial real estate. The specialists of this company have already developed more than 1200 object concepts  with a total volume of more than 37 million m2. Among them: commercial objects (trade, trade and entertainment, retail parks, trade and office, office, multifunctional, warehouse complexes), residential complexes, cottage towns, complex development of the territory, and more..

UTG has created the best shopping center projects in Ukraine. In confirmation of this, they have many awards that they have been awarded at international competitions.

In 2013, the Ocean Plaza shopping center, which was made by that company for the first time in the history of Ukraine, became the winner of the MAPIC Awards-2013 – the main European prize in the commercial real estate industry. It is ahead of more than 100 shopping centers from 24 countries. In 2017, UTG received two European Property Awards – one of the most respected awards in Europe. The company was awarded the title of the best in “Retail Real Estate Project” and “Consultant in Real Estate of Ukraine” with the Lavina Mall Mall, in which it acted as a consultant and broker.

Moreover, the geography of UTG’s activity covers not only Ukraine. During its operation, the company entered the markets of four countries such as Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Russia. It  also brought to the Ukrainian market many new tenants of large international brands.

UTG has a high reputation rating. It has earned an excellent reputation among more than 800 of its customers – the largest investors and retailers – for providing comprehensive solutions combining extensive market experience, an innovative approach, as well as a constantly high level of service and reliability.

The experience of UTG in supporting retail real estate in such areas as strategic consulting, agent services, property management, and real estate marketing is confirmed by the company’s leadership in ratings formed on the basis of the number of completed projects and awarded with professional awards. Among which: 2005 – “The Best Development Company of the Year”, 2010 – “The Best Consulting Company” at the Mall Expo 2010, 2011 – “Business Oplot of the Country” and others.

In the largest projects, UTG cooperates with such international architectural firms such as Buchan, Benoy, Aedas, Sonae Sierra, Chapman Taylor, etc. It also performs property management (Property management, Facility management, independent external audit management).

UTG today has:

  • 1200 consulting projects for 38 million sq. M.
  • 112 open shopping centers and 4.7 million sq.m. leased retail space
  • 800 thousand sq.m. in the current set
  • Over 30 co-launched new brands

It also works on the creation of new lines of services, in particular in the design of real estate. Developing high-quality projects, the company contributes to the construction of sovereign European Ukraine.

UTG’s activity is based on respect for man and nature, as well as awareness of their significance. A company is as effective as its employees. It brings together ambitious and talented people who are focused on results. The company’s employees are working on improving their skills, are ready to take on the most complex tasks, and successfully solve them, making your project a success.

According to UTG, their success has always been linked to the success of their employees. The dynamic growth of the company is the growth of professionalism of the people who work in it.

With the help of its active development, it created the conditions for a successful career for its employees.

UTG always encourages the pursuit of knowledge, initiative and activity. It’s internal principles of relationships with employees is to give them the opportunity to improve their professional level and comprehensively develop. Working in this company you can find wide opportunities for self-realization.

Unique advantages of UTG:

  • Offers a wide range of services
  • Advises the most significant projects on the market and recruits tenants in them.
  • It shows the highest market performance – all completed projects are successful
  • The models that the company develops are the most tenacious, real and accurate.
  • It has extensive experience and many implemented real estate.
  • The only one on the market that offers the facility management service, successfully managing several shopping centers, which gives it a unique knowledge and sense of the housing market
  • The only one on the market capable of successfully recruiting tenants in all regions of Ukraine
  • The only one on the market contains a staff of professional certified architects creating modern projects for retail, residential and hotel real estate
  • Implemented many projects in the CIS countries.
  • It is a member of many international professional organizations and is widely recognized in Europe.
  • Brings new western brands to the Ukrainian market

UTG continues to create a history of real estate, to make a tangible contribution to the development of a civilized and efficient market. It is constantly developing advanced trading technologies and shopping center formats. By investing with this company you can develop new markets and reach a higher level of development. According to the plans, UTG intends to open representative offices in Belarus and Eastern Europe.

UTG achieves its future goals through joint efforts. It seeks to establish long-term relationships with its business partners. These relationships are built on justice, trust and reliability.

The main advantage of UTG is efficiency. It is developing dynamically, anticipating events, breaking stereotypes and developing standards. The company constantly creates new opportunities for the successful development of its customers, who are close in spirit and values, always meeting their expectations. Conducting business with them, you will always be aware of the latest changes in business for quick reaction and making more effective decisions.

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