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Company Zenhomes Details
Fund Name:
Net Assets:
19 M
1 Year Return:
17, 6 %

Zenhomes is a Berlin-based property technology startup, the association of entrepreneurs. The main purposes of the digital platform are tenant and property management. Zenhomes was established in the year 2016. The startup €19 million in total from the new and existing investors. 

The main aim of creating the startup was to unite the tenants, landlords, and real estate agents. Zenhomes is called the ‘first digital ecosystem around housing’. The platform allows homeowners, real estate agents, banks, property managers and craftsmen to communicate directly. The mission of the company Zenhomes is to lead the real estate industry into the digital age. On the official website, the company describes itself as the platform created by owners for owners.

The headquarters of Zenhomes is based in Berlin, Germany. The company is located in Prenzlauer Berg and founded by professionals in business, technology and product development. Zenhomes’ area of operation is Internet technologies, software development, and asset management. The startup is quite small and now has 23 employees. The founder and CEO of the company is Jannes Fischer. Before launching the startup he gained experience in the fields of venture capital and private equity in Hong Kong.


The product by Zenhomes is called ‘Vermietet.de’ and works in Germany. The platform offers landlords the opportunity to manage the property online. The services provided by Vermietet.de include the following:

  • managing documents;
  • managing property-related information;
  • managing finance;
  • booking property-related services;
  • 24-hour emergency support.

The platform simplifies the procedures and operations connected to property management and dealing with the tenants. The goal of the platform is to combine the new concepts, technical excellence, and product design to provide the perfect service to the users. 

Vermietet.de positions itself as the associations of investors and entrepreneurs located in Berlin who are willing to make the ownership of the real estate simple and intelligent. The founders are familiar with the challenges faced by landlords due to property ownership. So, they created their startup on the basis of their own experience. 

While connecting property owners, managers, and service providers the founders of the real estate digital ecosystem automated the processes that used to be manual. The vision was to improve all aspects of living and turn real estate management into an easy and effortless process.


Zenhomes helps the customers to create their individual system for property management. The set of basic features of the platform by Zenhomes include:

  • tracking the property’s performance;
  • preparing modernizations;
  • doing structured accounting;
  • managing the tenants.

The property managing features are accounting, dealing with the documents and data and calculations of the utility costs. The rental management features include tenant management, exposé creation and signing of the digital rental contract. The maintenance features contain dealing with the documentation, service provider database and quotation management. Investment appraisal, financing, and benchmarks belong to the valuation features.

The basic account by Zenhomes is free of charge and includes all basic features regardless of the number of properties that the customer manages. Also, the platform provides services and products that help to optimize the portfolio. 


Data protection is one of the core competences of the company. The protection of confidential information is the top priority of Zenhomes. The company uses special encryption technologies. The information collected by a platform is needed for specific purposes. The process of data collection is transparent and used sparingly. The personal data will be processed only if the user gives his or her permission. 

The platform does not connect directly to the user’s bank account. The system uses a special interface of the banking partner finAPI. The connection with the bank account is needed for monitoring the rental payments. 

The banking partner of Zenhomes is finAPI GmbH which is the leader of information transmission in the market. 

The company guarantees that the personal data of the customers will not become available to any third parties. If the user is not satisfied with the storage of confidential information, the company promises to delete the account and all data completely. 

Also, Zenhomes has a customer service that can answer all the questions. The information about the storage of personal data is included in the detailed privacy statement issued by the company.

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