First Istanbul Review
Company First Istanbul Details
Fund Name:
First Istanbul
Net Assets:
460 M
1 Year Return:
16.7 %

First Istanbul is a real estate and consultancy company that was established by experienced real estate professionals in 2016 and registered in the Turkish Chamber of Commerce. The main office is located in Istanbul, Turkey. First Istanbul has been delivering professional customer service which includes financial services and company establishment, consulting in legal and real estate market, after-sell services.

First Istanbul has been known for effective cooperation with Turkish developers, banks, and government agencies. They have built up an excellent database of objects, relationships, and a well-established structure for interacting with clients.

With First Istanbul solutions, Arab investors can successfully enter the Turkish investment market. Depending on customers’ wishes and conditions, the First Istanbul team proposes the best option for a client. They ensure that with the professional service of the team a client will successfully sell, buy, or rent the apartment, as well as invest in the right property in the right place. First Istanbul not only quickly picks out the object and legally manages the transaction, but also helps in adapting to life abroad, and providing great after-sales service. 

In the catalog shown on the website of First Istanbul, a client can find apartments in complexes for residence, studios, apartments, townhouses, villas, and houses located at different distances from the sea. The company presents commercial objects such as offices, hotels, agricultural land.  Moreover, objects from developers and owners are available to Arab investors as First Istanbul cooperates directly with Turkish construction companies. Therefore, a client will always be pleased with prices for all real estate in Turkey presented in the catalog.

Current goals of First Istanbul are:

  • provide the best guide in Turkish real estate for Arab investors;
  • assist foreign clients in solving housing issues of any complexity at a high professional level;
  • strengthen the company’s reputation, justifying and anticipating the expectations of each of the investor;
  • improve the quality of services and create comfortable conditions in the real estate market of Turkey so that Arab investors consider their future investments in Turkish property as the best solution;
  • build long-term partnerships with other real estate agencies.

Services of First Istanbul include financial and company establishment services, consulting in legal and real estate market, after-sell services.

Financial services and company establishment issues

Arab investor, who plans to work or reside in Turkey, is a potential client of First Istanbul. With the help of First Istanbul, a foreign investor can establish a company in Turkey as the team offers all kinds of legal services to the companies as well as insurance management all over Turkey. In addition, they help in opening bank accounts and manage them properly. 

Legal consulting

The company’s lawyers in legal and financial documentation have relevant, rich, and professional experience and qualifications, and are clearly guided by Turkish law.  First Istanbul ensures the legal side from mortgage and avoids dangerous faults under laws. The client can be ensured that all details are correct and under professional control. First Istanbul also helps customers with residence permits within contract terms.

Consulting in the real estate market

First Istanbul is ready to provide comprehensive professional assistance and support during the search and selection of real estate in Turkey, advise and answer all questions, explain the Turkish trade market, and right ownership in the country. Consultants get the client the best price which meets all client’s desires and requirements. The company’s investment consulting includes studies on all kinds of residences and compounds in the trade market, providing information about the projects of construction companies, future projects, government real estate plans that give a guarantee of investment profit.

After-sell services

After getting above mentioned services, a client can continue to work with First Istanbul by using after-sell services of the company. The company provides help and assistance in properly solving gas, water, and electric issues, making the design of its own flat with professional interior designers and collecting all needed documents. First Istanbul is well aware of the subtleties of the process of registering the sale of property in Turkey and helps to resolve any issues concerning real estate and client’s investments.


Project portfolio of First Istanbul includes high-rise buildings, among which are residential complexes, commercial facilities, multi-purpose centers,  agricultural land, and land with a building permit. 

Experts of First Istanbul will help Arab investors not only with the selection of the best investment options, but they will also draw up all the necessary documentation and will further advise investors and monitor organization, business development, and calculate investment profitability. Team of First Istanbul selects real estate that will meet all points of requests. The company considers individual work with clients and high-quality consultations on all major and related issues as a priority.

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