Cayan Group Review Review
Company Cayan Group Details
Fund Name:
Cayan Group
Net Assets:
356 M
1 Year Return:
17 %

Cayan Group is a Turkish real estate company, which has an extensive exclusive database of residential and commercial apartments located in Turkey. The main office is located in Istanbul. The company was established in 2014. Since then, the team of Cayan Group has been delivering professional customer service which includes selling or buying properties, investment in real estate and researching the market.

Real estate management

The company offers 24/7 customer support with professional consultants who help customers, informing and advising on their opportunities in Turkish real estate market. In addition, depending on customers’ desires and conditions, Cayan team proposes the best option to a client. They ensure that with the help of Cayan Group clients will successfully sell or buy apartments, as well as invest in the right property at the right place. 

Investment in real estate 

After consulting and sales services, a client receives the variety of options for selling, buying property or investing in Turkish real estate. Team proposes the best prices which meet their requirements and budget.

Companies establishment

Foreigners who make business, work or reside in Turkey are potential customers of Cayan Group. With the help of the Cayan Group foreigner investors can establish a company in Turkey.

Airport transfer

Service of airport transfer is a part of Cayan Group. Using airport pickups, customers can visit desired sites and projects. This service is operated with high standards and quality. 

Qualities of Cayan Group

Cayan Group is proud of the qualities of their company, among which are:

Professional team

Cayan team is the main driving link of Cayan Group, where each employee has impeccable experience and the best recommendations. Maintaining the image of a company, members of the Cayan team are constantly learning something new, striving to surpass themselves, find non-standard solutions to any situation in order to offer customers only the most worthy objects.

Service performance

Cayan Group real estate sales site is constantly expanding, offering a catalog of premium residential and commercial properties that meet all the requirements of comfort, safety, reliability, a favorable location and the introduction of the best construction technologies.

Variety of options

For each client there is an ideal option: luxury apartments and villas by the sea, inexpensive apartments in residential complexes, new buildings and second market homes for any request from clients regarding individual preferences, cost, location, readiness and other important factors.

Best price

Cayan Group is ready to provide comprehensive professional assistance and support during the search and selection of property, advise and answer all questions. Consultants get the client the best price which meets all client’s desires and requirements.

Experience and trust

Having organized more than one hundred transactions, the company’s specialists in legal and financial documentation have relevant rich professional experience and qualifications, and are clearly guided by Turkish law. Therefore, they are well aware of all the nuances and subtleties of the process of registering the sale of property in Turkey and will help resolve any issues.

Way to Turkish citizenship

In order to attract foreign investment, on September 19, 2018, new amendments to the Turkish Citizenship Law were issued. According to the document, now a foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship when buying real estate in the country in the amount of more than 250 thousand dollars.

Turkish citizenship through investments can be obtained in just 2 months. Real estate can be rented out and it is also profitable to resell it after 3 years. Among the important advantages of the program is a quick and clear application process, the possibility of obtaining citizenship for the whole family, there is no need to declare assets and income received in other countries. With a Turkish passport, an investor can quickly move to the UK and create his own business under an association agreement between Turkey and the European Economic Community. Also, Turkey is one of the countries of the E-2 agreement, which makes it possible to move and do business in the United States on a non-immigrant investor visa.


The real estate company Cayan Group helps clients to choose a property that will fully satisfy any, even the most demanding, wishes. Their work is always an operational assessment of the market condition, possession of relevant data, nuances, advantages, and disadvantages of the proposed facilities, the choice of the most optimal solution.

Cayan Group is an actively developing company. Their employees are professionals in the Turkish real estate market. They occupy leading positions in the segment of services for the sale and rental of housing and have completed more than one hundred successful transactions.

The project portfolio of the company includes high-rise buildings, among which there are residential complexes, commercial facilities, and multi-purpose centers. With its projects, Cayan Group seems to challenge the world of architecture, exclusivity, and luxury, creating outstanding buildings.

Cayan Group provides a wide range of services so that customers can make profitable investments and obtain Turkish citizenship.

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