SLP International Review
Company SLP International Property Consultants Pte.Ltd Details
Fund Name:
SLP International Property Consultants Pte.Ltd
Net Assets:
27 M
1 Year Return:
16, 8 %

SLP International is a property consultant company that was established in 2001 and started its career as a boutique agency. However, it soon changed to be a regional company that offered various agency and consulting services. Nowadays, SLP has grown to be in control of many franchisees and other related companies. 

The company’s headquarters are located in Singapore, however, the company provides its services not only there but in other places in the Asia Pacific. The company has earned its great reputation and is currently on the list of Singapore top 10 real estate corporations. The company’s projects include property development of industrial,  international and commercial units. SLP is proud to provide a wide range of various services which include conducting market research, marketing various projects and providing their clients with all the needed consulting and advice. 

SLP International is a company with a dedicated and experienced team of professional employees, that includes sales and marketing experts, who are capable of conducting sales and project marketing processes on the highest possible level and commit to meeting customer’s needs and exceeding all their expectations. The SLP team has all the needed resources and market knowledge for a smooth and efficient property selling procedure. 

SLP’s vision is creating wealth by the means of real estate and delivering the best possible results. 

SLP’s mission is constantly enhancing the available tools and resources for a better experience, providing clients with amazing opportunities and creating partnerships in order to develop and grow successful businesses. 
Among the existing SLP values are trust, passion, enterprise, teamwork and excellent service. The team is dedicated to establishing a business model built on mutual trust both with their clients and partners who, as a matter of fact, always are their priority. People who are working in SLP are full of enthusiasm and passion for work they do in order to provide an outstanding experience to the company’s clients and ensure that they achieve the desired results. The enterprising spirit helps the company to remain competitive and come up with new and innovative solutions. Teamwork is another important factor in the company’s values as they believe that the more they support each other the better the opportunities, for them, for the company and its clients. Last but not least is the excellent service that SLP strives to provide for each and every customer. The company is aimed at delivering high quality and efficient services and keeping all of their promises in order to have an opportunity to satisfy all of the needs and preferences of their clients.

SLP International has a lot of great partnerships with the best developers in order to market all kinds of properties in the best possible way. SLP is an expert in different types of properties available on the market including commercial, industrial and residential ones. As the company which is the list of the best agencies in the country, SLP, with its team of experienced professionals, specializes in the segment of properties across Singapore. 

SLP has already successfully marketed many of various properties including 40 units of residential ones, 40 units of international and 70 units of commercial and industrial ones.

Apart from the above, the company is constantly organizing various events for its clients, partners and employees in order to showcase what they do and how they can all benefit from working together. SLP is known for holding training and networking events where they can meet new partners to discuss the possibilities of future cooperation and new clients to show them what the company has to offer and how it can help them achieve their goals. 


SLP International is a real estate company which is located in Singapore and is dealing with the property segment of the country. The company has a lot of various services to offer for its clients which include project marketing on both regional and international scale and can be done for industrial, commercial and residential properties. The company can also help with the leasing and selling of different types of properties and lands. Among the existing services that are available in SLP are also investment and auction sales. 

The company has a strong team of real estate professional employees, who are experts in their industry and know how to achieve the goal of the company’s customers in the most efficient way. The team has a clear vision and mission which helps them to provide outstanding services and experiences for their clients and partners. The company provides them with all the needed resources, constant training and innovation upgrades in order to enhance their working skills. SLP International has 19 years of extensive experience in real estate and has gained a reputation as a strong competitor on the market.

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