Reha Medin Global Real Estate Review
Company Reha medin global Details
Fund Name:
Reha medin global
Net Assets:
30 B
1 Year Return:
18,4 %

Reha Medin Global is a well-known real estate consultancy that provides great solutions to clients’ investments in the global real estate market. The company concentrates on looking for fitting properties all over the world while being backed up by various services that are made specifically for clients.  Besides, Reha Medin Global offers consulting services in the real estate field and has about 50 offices in Turkey and 6 offices abroad. 

Reha Medin Global was founded back in 1985 by Reha Medin. Since then the company deserved its place among the best companies in the field thanks to its effective marketing organizations and activities through years of hard work. Reha Medin Real Estate Services have in-depth expertise on how to offer efficient approach and services to the clients who want to keep up with modern tendencies. 


The company supports the idea that trust is one of the important features in a client-manager relationship. Thus, the team of experts builds this trust with the help of a transparent purchasing process on all stages.  They erase possible and impossible risks that might arise by offering services of title insurance, title deed clearance, and closing with the lawyer. Moreover, the client’s investments are protected in the specialized escrow account until all the transactions are done. 

Before and during investing

Assessment of client’s property according to location, facilities, landscaping, amenities, etc.

Assessment of property investments (risk tolerance, rent income, possible developments of the area, capital gain, performance milestones) 

  • Portfolio potential
  • Legal counseling
  • Financing (mortgage for foreign clients)
  • Technical and legal assessment of the property and its developer
  • Investment guidelines
  • Obtaining of tax number
  • Opening of a bank account with your permission
  • Title deed insurance
  • Closings with the professional lawyer
  • Title dead clearance
  • Management of escrow account
  • Sending off all needed title deeds

After investing

  • Rental management
  • Tax management
  • Post-sales services
  • Resale
  • Real estate management

Process of purchasing property

If you are planning of purchasing property in Istanbul, the team of Reha Medin Global offers full service at every stage of your investment.  Moreover, the company provides consultations on the Istanbul property market, financial, tax, and legal problems and purchasing procedures. Then the company provides you various properties according to the client’s needs. 

Purchasing real estate in  Istanbul is not as difficult as many may think.  When the seller (local or not)  and purchaser arrange the conditions and terms of their deal, the closing of it can be finished even in one day.  Besides,  if a foreigner works with the company’s experienced agents, it takes care of all issues and simplifies the process. 

It is crucial to know whether the client’s country and Turkey have reciprocity. However, with a new law in Turkey, clients from at least 180 countries can purchase properties with their names. If your country does not have reciprocity with Turkey, then you will have to buy property using your registered company. 

To send the title deed in the client’s name, the developer has to apply to the Land Registry Office for sending the title dead on the purchaser’s name. However, if the purchaser is from another country, then the Land Registry Office will redirect the application to the military to do a full check. This is done to find out whether the purchaser’s country has any legal restrictions in purchasing a property.  Among the restrictions: 

Foreigners can purchase not more than 30 hectares in Turkey in total. Besides, foreigners can get limited in rem right. As a result, space enhances up to 60 hectares with the help of a foreign Ministry.  Unfortunately, foreigners can not purchase or rent their property on the territory of security zones and military forbidden zones.

Foreigners can purchase real estate or limited in rem right in an area up to 10% of the total of the chosen area.  All legal restrictions do not relate to setting mortgages for clients and commercial companies that have a corporate personality in other countries. 

The company pretests all projects to deliver the best results and meet all possible requests and restrictions before offering them to foreign clients. Reha Medin Global has not denied any applications yet, even with the most difficult projects. To get the approval of the client’s application from the military, they need 4-12 weeks to work on that. However, if an international purchaser has title deed from the previous project, it will take much less time. 


Reha Medin Global Turkey provides professional property services all over the globe. The company offers great possibilities to its clients while maintaining world standards. Reha Medin Global is well aware that there are a lot of opportunities that can be confusing. However, the company distinguishes itself as a real estate company that knows how to find the best variants for the client’s needs and help him or her in making a good investment for his or her future.

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