PropNex Realty PTE LTD Review
Company PropNex Limited Details
Fund Name:
PropNex Limited
Net Assets:
89.8 M
1 Year Return:
15,7 %

PropNex is a large group in the real estate market that specializes in various services and has been operating for the last 20 years. Nowadays, the group has more than 8,500 sales experts who are responsible for bringing value to the customer’s overall experience. PropNex is so far the largest group listed in Singapore with a large variety of provided services which include consulting, brokerage, management of the property and company’s and personal training. PropNex has become very popular in the market of Singapore’s real estate and keeps developing in other countries, like Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. The company is an unconditional leader among the existing agencies and always sets up a goal to provide exceptional and high-quality services for the regular and potential clients.

PropNex has its own mission and vision of conducting business and the team always acts according to the company’s existing beliefs. Their vision is to be a leader everywhere they work and increase the company’s potential and make it a strong and skillful competitor. The mission of PropNex is to enhance the quality of their customers’ lives by providing professional and outstanding services.

The company’s values are mainly focused on the word care where C stands for constant improvement, A for being autonomous and entrepreneurial, R stands for respecting and caring about others and E represents ethical, integral and honest principals in terms of doing business. 

Among the provided services that PropNex has are consultancy, assistance with brokerage, personal and professional training programs and property maintenance and management. 

As for the consultancy service department, it was founded in 2018 and has company services which include sales in the corporate segment, auction sales services and those related to investments. The various departments are responsible for those transactions which are conducted within real estate leasing and sales segments. The company has extensive experience and is able to help with selecting the place for the business unit in the different sectors, whether it is an industrial or commercial one, investing in residential units or selecting the right space for personal purposes of the clients. 

PropNex is considered to be in the list of  the best auction groups in the country and has earned a good reputation in the market. The company’s team has already sold a big number of properties managing to achieve the maximum sales value. The company also knows how to sell prime through various tenders, auctions or treaties. 

The PropNex team always ensures that all the transactions are conducted efficiently and professionally, without any hitches or issues. All the team members have competence in handling various sales modes. PropNex is proud to determine and embed the required strategies and solutions and knows how to overcome any challenges that the clients might face.

As for the services which are related to brokerage, PropNex offers a wide range of them and is able to represent its customers in various property segments that include luxury units, residential units, auctions, industrial units and commercial properties, and provide project marketing of the newly launched properties both locally and internationally. 

As for the training, PropNex has established various courses in order to provide all the required information for their employees. The company has its own academy which is responsible for conducting all the courses. The RES course is designed for those who are new in the company and is mandatory to undergo before passing the industry exam. During the course, the participants are able to get all the required knowledge and skills for future development. Such courses promote high-quality standards in terms of employees’ competency and professionalism.

The courses provided by the academy are developed for different ages and aim to satisfy the needs of all the participants. All the courses can be divided into three different categories which include a professional program, a personal one and the program about wealth and success. The personal program focuses on coaching and profiling the personality, the professional program is for the real estate professionals and includes courses about essential sales, recruitment, pricing and leadership skills. The last program provides all the important information on real estate investments, teaches how to choose properties for future investment, tells about the latest trends of the market and shares some secrets on how to find the best opportunities for the investors.

As for services related to managing various properties, PropNex is considered to be an ideal place for finding all the solutions for managing property and its facilities and diagnosing the building. Among the available services that the company offers are maintenance of different types of units and their facilities, security services, lifestyle and communal services, resolutions of any issues and defects, project guidance and many more.


PropNex is a popular real estate group with headquarters in Singapore that has been serving its clients and trying to deliver the very best experience for the last 20 years and has gathered a huge team of professional employees who are always available and strive to achieve the desired outcome in all of real estate operations. 

PropNex offers a wide variety of services in order to help their clients with real estate consulting, provide extensive training both for the employees and potential investors, assist with all kinds of brokerage services and take all the responsibility for flawless property management. The company is constantly developing in order to enhance its efficiency and become a leader across all the markets within the industry. Being a leading group in Singapore, the company has already expanded its services in other countries in order to provide an outstanding experience for its local and international clients. 

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