John Taylor Review
Company John Taylor Details
Fund Name:
John Taylor
Net Assets:
160 M
1 Year Return:
16,8 %

John Taylor is a leading company in the luxury real estate market since 1864. It consists of 26 agencies in 14 different countries and offers an efficient international network. The team of professionals knows how to manage, sell, and rent prestigious real estate.

The company represents about 3500 properties that are worth about  ‎€14 billion in places like Monaco, Côte d’Azur, St Jean Cap Ferrat, Cannes, St Tropez, next with the most unforgettable cities around the globe like London, Geneva, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, and even Gstaad, Courchevel, Megeve in the European Alps and the breathtaking islands of Mauritius and Malta.


John Taylor pays a lot of attention to managing client property. The company has more than 15o years of experience and specialization in custom-made luxury property around the world. One of the best assets of John Tailor is the option to depute the whole management of your luxury real estate to one of the company’s offices that is not far from you. John Taylor provides clients great support and representation on all stages of property management. The team of experts with years of many successful cases delivers their clients the following services: 

  • Maintenance of property

John Taylor’s team helps the client find a suitable and proper person who can professionally maintain his or her property. That expert will know how to manage all inspections, cleaning, adjustments, and possible replacements without creating issues in managing. 

  • Development of property

John Taylor’s professionals can come up with the best solutions for issues in the client’s home, irrespectively of a task. Whether it is going to be substitution of old parts or more complex repairing or some emergency. 

  • Paying bills monthly

Clients do not have to think about possible unpaid bills. John Taylor has professionals who are ready to manage the question of monthly bills and possible issues related. 

  • Utility services

The company has managers who know how to work with utility services like gas, water, electricity. He or she will make and verify contracts and any payment regularly so that client has more free time for more crucial matters. 

  • Insurance and tax

John Taylor’s specialist will manage all the matters connected with the matter of insurances and taxes. 

  • Social and staff security

John Taylor’s team manages various strategies to offer you and your staff social security. 

John Taylor is a company that can develop and control a complex and custom management plan that is aimed at providing clients independence and calmness to enjoy home every day. 


The brand of John Taylor has been equivalent to the best luxury property market for more than 150 years. Nowadays it supports clients to find modern, aspirational, and unique properties. Since the very beginning in 1864, the company has developed past its roots while searching for properties for a famous resident of French Riviera. Now the company has turned to be the world’s best choice for clients who are looking to purchase, sell, or rent real estate in the upmarket locations all over the world. 

These days Dubai is one most popular locations for real estate markets, thus many purchasers and sellers can capitalize on the experience, in-depth insight, and years of expertise of John Taylor’s team. Everything is managed by Northgate Real Estate brokers. Thus, the company provides critical clients with wide access to a huge network of the best and popular commercial and residential property. 

The company’s brokers who have RERA qualifications know all the professional standards, have years of market knowledge and are concentrated on clients’ needs to offer only the best service. The company can easily guide the client through all the stages of purchasing, selling, and renting real estate in Dubai and offer complete and complex support before, during, and after any changes or requests. 

John Taylor’s team has world reach and wide knowledge of Dubai’s real estate market, thus they can offer a promising opportunity to find the best luxury properties available. Moreover, the team will offer you amazing service standards so that client can be fully satisfied. John Taylor always knows how to help whether the clients is an investor, homeowner, or developer.

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