10 Most Popular Real Estate Management Software: Pros and Cons

Year after year business environment of real estate turns more and more into a relentless competition. The rapid development of technology normalizes this situation. All managers and owners of the property can make the most of real management software for real estate. The purpose of these platforms is to manage relationships, contacts, tasks, and data through one center. Besides that, they aid in gathering, improving, and qualifying your relationship with various leads through digital tools. 

Moreover, this real estate software can support you managing not only a few properties but also more than forty, and still, it would be more organized than if you have done it on your own. 

Many professional developers have created various tools for the management of the real estate. For instance, Capterra’s list has more than 200 various products. Search for a fitting tool can be quite a time- and energy-consuming, thus we offer you to start checking the best options on the list. 

We narrowed down the list to the most effective and popular options of real estate management software. Moreover, we are going to talk about their main advantages and features that may help you establish your business processes. We hope that you are going to find proper software that will regulate your relations with various experts and landlords and cover their needs. Furthermore, you are going to learn more about controlling processes and keep in check of maintenance tasks, residents, collecting rents, etc. 



Appfolio is an up-to-date real-time property management app that offers various cloud tools for residential, apartment, commercial, student, and council property managers. It also supports real-estate experts through processes of managing financial data and assets and looking for new clients and tenants. 

The work of Appfolio evolves around customizable processes in the management sector of real estate. The platform was designed and created to offer users the latest business metrics, clear communication with tenants, vendors, and keeping track of maintenance. The developers have gone even further and created the owner’s portal, where you can see statements and reports.  

Among other features, you might find the possibility to screen possible tenants, to work with other online rental apps, to gather rent payment online, to share vacancy advertising on the Internet, and process quick inspections. Meanwhile, tenants can make requests for maintenance with the help of a platform, and, as a result, you can more quickly fix any issues. 

Appfolio offers several types of monthly subscriptions. Plans depend on the type of property and whether it is rented or sold. For instance, students and residential plans cost about $1.25 per each unit, and the commercial plan costs $1.50 per unit. If you belong to the community association, you will have to pay only $0.80 per unit. All in all, this platform is targeted for people who manage hundreds of properties and can pay a monthly fee amounting to $250. 

Main points: 

  • User-friendly
  • owner’s portal
  • effective business metrics

Rent Manager

Rent Manager is a well-known and flexible real estate management platform that can process properties of various sizes. The platform offers its clients the package with integrated accounting, management database, management of contacts, different marketing solutions, and processes for work orders.

With the use of Rent Platform, you can manage, track, and fix service issues. Moreover, this platform offers the possibility to keep track of your costs through quite detailed reports. While you are searching for new renters or purchasers for your property, Rent Manager will help you create a professional website through its platform. 

The platform can be used on both laptops and mobile tablets. If you can not get access through your computer to accept payments or enter orders, order service inspections, and upload photos, you can always do it through your mobile phone. 

Among the other advantages is the point that platform is also suitable for tenants. They can not only get all needed transaction reports and real-time data but also finalize and sign deals and pay for rent. Rent Manager offers a free trial for those who still test their options. After that, you need to request for a full price list from the company to make a final decision.

  • Default website creator
  • Tenants version
  • Quick adjustments 


The platform Buildium gained attention as a highly qualified service for managing a property. It offers a range of effective tools for managing, accounting, and leasing real estate for specialists. 

In comparison with other similar platforms, Buildium has years of practice to manage and broaden your portfolio from one to three thousand properties. Whether you are using the software to find a market or tenants for your properties or managing the requests for maintenance, Buildium is fully capable of supporting you here. 

Among other features, you can check your possible tenants before signing the contract with them, accept online applications. The platform cares about your comfort. Thus, you have a specific portal where you can communicate with other property owners, board members, residents, and others. 

The platform is built to unite student residences, various community associations, affordable housing, and other housing properties. The price for the platform’s services mainly depends on the number of properties, range of online payments, tenant checks, and other electronic documents that are needed for your processes. 

  • Easy in use
  • Free trial period
  • Recommended for owners with many properties


The platform Re-Leased has broadened its services to commercial and residential properties, student accommodation, co-working hubs, combined family housing, and offices. 

Re-Leased has turned itself into a well-known hub where you and other users can see all workflows and future tasks in one place. This is a platform where you can do and assign tasks in your team, see and control properties, and interact with renter through text messages or email. Moreover, there is an option of reminders for important events and tasks. Your calendar is connected with Outlook, Google Calendar, and Microsoft 365. 

If this platform sparked your interest, you could always request a price list from the company. Their policy creates an environment where every user works with a big number of properties, have straight communication with customer support, connect his or her page to Xero accounting software and even use Re-Leased platform from different laptops tablets or mobile phones. 

The main feature that differentiates the Re-Leased platform among its opponents is that it has high-quality security for all your business data. 

  • Connection with Microsoft 365
  • connection with Xero software
  • works for many properties


Hemlane is a global platform that offers efficient services to manage and rent real estate much easier and quicker. The platform supports its users from the very beginning when they optimize leasing processes and to the cases when they manage a list of websites that have property details. The users can even request showings on demand. 

Later, after finding possible tenants for your properties, the platform Hemlane can be used for checking credit reports and online applications and arrange effective communication with future renters. Besides, the platform is used for tracking vacant places and leases in your properties and protecting all private data and documents of tenants. 

In the United States, the Hemlane platform is known for providing users quick bank verification through main American banks and secure and automated payments for the lease. As a result, you do not need to use extra systems to make payments. Furthermore, now you can speed up and streamline all your processes. 

  • Several options for payments
  • Streamlined tenant placement
  • Simple maintenance of the real estate

MRI Real Estate Software

MRI Real Estate Software is a global property management platform that offers efficient and successful tech solutions for half a century and continues to do so. Previously it was named as Qube Global Software. 

The company’s main target audiences are managers and investors. MRI Real Software has thoroughly gathered lists of various real estate businesses like a residential, student, commercial, and mixing properties. 

You, as any user, can use the following features like contact management, invoice issue, tracking of maintenance, costs management, rent management, insurance management, lease tracking, tax management, a database of tenants, and late charge calculation. 

The platform mainly works with corporate users. Thus, if you want to use it, you have to contact the company to get their price list. With that, you can still try a demo version to find out whether it suits your processes or not. Among the brightest examples of extensive usage of this platform is Aberdeen Asset Management, Hammerson, Standard Life.

  • Oriented at enterprises
  • User-friendly
  • Many years of successful practice

Salesforce essentials

 Salesforce essentials
Salesforce essentials

Salesforce Essentials is a combination of customer support solutions and customer relationship management. The platform is more suitable for small businesses by creating more opportunities for sales teams to close the deals much quicker and efficiently. Besides, Salesforce essentials help businesses effectively manage their customer support processes.

Salesforce was always known for being a supporter of medium and large companies. However, nowadays, Salesforce has decided to notice small businesses and offer them support through services and sales solutions that can be used by companies of various sizes. This platform integrates a CRM in a quick and simple way with default workflows. You can even try a free trial to get to know all its features. 

Among the vivid users are real estate agents. More and more real estate agents become more educated in technology matters. Thus, CRM systems become more popular among this user group. Salesforce Essentials platform has all the features that modern real estate agents need. Most importantly, it has quick response time, simple correspondence, and a centrally-controlled database. 

If you belong to the mentioned above group, you probably are interested in using the Salesforce Essentials’ feature of fast solutions for clients’ requests and issues. Moreover, the platform offers document and form filling, correction of event data. You can continue your communication with previous customers through clear communication for many years. 

  • Oriented on small businesses
  • Strong communication with clients
  • Quick response time


Planon is an up-to-date real estate management platform that helps various medium and large world businesses optimize the data about properties and tenants, lifecycle costs in an effective and structured way. The platform offers full management of transactions. As a result, you can develop and analyze possible scenarios for successful financial planning. Moreover, you can forecast possible expenses and search for opportunities for cost-effectiveness.

Planon always opts for modern interlocking dashboards. To help you shift up from old-fashioned spreadsheets, Planon provides users dashboards with strong centralization. If you want to try platform services, you can always try a demo version. To get acquainted with it, you can contact the company. 

  • Structure and maintain data. 
  • Ready-to-use processes. 
  • Valuable management info. 

Yardi Voyager

Yardi Voyager is a platform that centralizes all processes of property businesses. It provides specific and unique solutions that include public, military, affordable, commercial, senior, and multi-family properties. 

You can work with a unified database where you have access to all crucial workflow and data from your portfolio. Moreover, you can gather important business insights, control maintenance activities, works, track leasing, manage all operations, and accounting tasks. Thanks to these features, you can computerize all processes like management of buying order, processes of moving in and out, administration of rent, and confirmation of work order.

  • Constant notifications
  • Effective administration of rent
  • Advanced business intelligence



monday.com is a platform designed for an energetic team that seeks effective software with quick communication flow and visual collaboration. The platform has it all for the effective management of the real estate. As a rule, all projects can be managed by the whole team. Data is constantly updated and shared even with other collaborators who are related to the project. 

You can use many templates of the real estate marketing calendar. Moreover, you can project your action items and develop a detailed plan so that your sales can be as effective as possible. You can delegate various oculars and list to your team members. Most importantly, they can give feedback on their progress and remove previously finished assignments in due time.   

Monday.com mainly uses board concept, thus the platform creates a possibility to relate various projects, teams, and tracks through all dashboards. Even if you a contractor, you still can get notification from the team you work with on specific tasks or projects. 

  • User-friendly
  • Supports collaborations
  • Customizable

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