Buy and hold strategy in real estate investment
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The long-term rental housing is one way to diversify any investor’s portfolio in real estate. The right to keep and buy real estate can bring both a long-term assessment and short-term profit.

Housing market participants are often scared or confused at the thought of starting work in that area. In fact, if you begin to understand this, then owning and buying a property for rent can be one of the best investment options.

What is a Buy and Hold Strategy?

It is a very simple strategy that works when an investor buys a property at a price slightly lower than the market, rents it out and holds it for a long time. The purpose of this method is to find tenants who, over time, will pay your loan with their rent, and when the mortgage is paid, the rent you receive becomes your income for an unlimited time.

If income from investment housing exceeds expenses and there are available funds at least in the amount of 20% of the value of the property for the down payment, then you can safely use this simple investment method.

Buy and Hold Calculator

The investor’s monthly income must exceed the monthly expenses that are associated with real estate, such as maintenance costs, fees, taxes, interest and mortgage payments. Also, if you intend to sell it on the line, then the potential profit should also be taken into account. It is necessary to take into account the cost of obtaining loans for the purchase and holding of the object. To perform such calculations, you can use the calculator.

Features and factors

The first thing you should do is conduct your own investigation of areas with expanding industry and new jobs. Find out which employers dominate the market and which companies are based in this area. This will directly affect the next factor that should be taken into account – population growth. To ensure that buying and holding real estate grows in price and remains busy, try to keep an eye on expanding markets.

Next, explore population changes and feel how fast the market is growing. Also, be aware of affordability, as this may impair the ability to make an initial investment. 

Types of Real Estate in Buy and Hold Strategy

Rental housing is of different sizes, shapes and purposes. To make sure you get the most out of this, you must determine what type of property you want.

  • Single-family home

You simply buy real estate and rent it to the tenant. Many new investors in the market choose single-family homes to get to know this industry. One tenant and one rental unit simplify the work. As a rule, it is used with the usual long-term lease strategy.

  • Turnkey Property

This is when you buy a property ready to move in, which already has professional property management. Usually, tenants live in it. Everything is very simple, turn the key and have promising investment housing.

  • Apartment house

This is a building with several housing units from 2 to 4. Yes, it is a little more expensive than a single-family house, but since there will be several apartments for rent, you will receive even higher income. It is well suited for quickly building up your investment portfolio and strong cash flow.

  • Vacation Rentals

In the last couple of years, the rental market for vacation rentals has developed rapidly. So investing in short-term rents is also a very good opportunity if you choose the right market at the right time.

  • Commercial property

You can even purchase property that will be used for commercial purposes, such as a retail store or office building. However, this can be a little more complicated, especially for newbies in real estate.

When should an investor sell his Buy and Hold real estate?

Keep in mind that following this strategy does not mean that you will never sell your property for rent. Also, one of the reasons you can consider selling is to capitalize on the rapidly growing value of the property.

This is one of the benefits of a buying and holding strategy. When you have cash properties, there is no need to sell. You have time to wait until the price of your home rises in price. It is important to note that whenever property is valued, the investor begins to experience a gradual change in equity.

Another reason to think about selling your property is when it does not meet your cash criteria. Sometimes box office estimates are rejected because the estimates of revenue or expenses were incorrect. This can happen if your rental estimates were too good. In fact, this happens quite often, because investors increase rents to attract buyers.

However, if your property does not provide an adequate income, then a sale question may arise. Especially if these funds can be used elsewhere and can help to make higher profits.

Advantages of Buy and Hold Strategy

  • Tax deductions

Most of the rental costs are not taxed. Moreover, there are other expenses that the investor can safely write off. Such as mortgage interest, loan commissions and depreciation. There are also non-taxable operating expenses such as repair and maintenance.

  • Rental income

One of the main factors why real estate market participants choose this strategy for investing in this monthly rental income. There is also the opportunity for additional sources of income, such as laundry, parking or vending machines.

  • Rating

Housing markets are growing and falling over the years, but if you choose a promising city for purchase and hold, then your rental object will constantly grow in value. Usually, it can grow at 3 to 5 percent per year.

  • Equity

The financing of such investment assets often occurs through bank loans. A big plus of the buying and selling strategy is that, as a result, the tenants of the investor of the rented property pay his mortgage. Since the rent you pay covers mortgage payments, the capital in your property usually increases every month.


The buy and hold strategy has many different advantages. It can even help you achieve financial independence and retire earlier. Of course, each real estate strategy has its own risks, but with this you can at least prevent them by calculating or anticipating different situations.

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