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ToolkitCMA is a cloud-based real estate software that provides housing professionals with email marketing, list management, a real estate database, and more.

With the help of the software real estate professionals, from almost any Internet-connected device, using any of the latest popular web-browsers, can quickly and easily create proposals, marketing presentations with picture CMAs, and property flyers, for all listing and selling occasions.

The product was developed in 1994 by Realty Tools Inc. and primarily catering to real estate agents and broker/owners in the United States and parts of Canada.

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ToolkitCMA’s Features

ToolkitCMA is a simple and convenient tool for CMA. It can be compared with some of the standard MLS CMA parameters, but with even more different pages, parameters, and templates. 

It is intended for both experienced professionals in the field of real estate, and for users who are not versed in technology. The program comes with an online startup guide, download guides for each MLS interface, online tutorials, and online help. ToolkitCMA does not require installation to run. ToolkitCMA automatically fills in the agent’s photographs, contact information, resume, background, information about the company, and data on housing for the presentation of leaflets.

ToolkitCMA offers a large selection of corporate presentations for any sale, listing, and flyers. Each presentation contains the most varied information pages on real estate and marketing related to the sale or purchase of a home. All types of presentations vary by franchise. Usually, they include the following:

  • Presentation only for CMA, which includes pages that are specific to it.
  • Presentation listing with CMA pictures, marketing plan, price charts, mapping, grid, links to agents and their resumes. There are both mobile and print versions.
  • A presentation for the buyer, which includes information and marketing pages that are user-oriented, an agent’s resume and links to it.
  • Just a preliminary presentation, which includes information and marketing pages, an agent’s resume, and links.
  • A tour of the customer’s properties has a questionnaire on the desired functions, a column presentation that compares the properties of agents with the required functions, a map showing all the properties of agents, and a page of objects for each property, including objects, a photograph, and a map. Both print and mobile versions have been created.

ToolkitCMA provides over 70 flyers, many are automatically formatted for print, tablet, email, mobile browsing and can be posted on Twitter and Facebook. There are also QR code options.

Moreover, to find out how ToolkitCMA works in practice before ordering it, you can use its demo version. Also, technology can work on any Internet-connected tablet or iPad, PC, and macOS devices.

ToolkitCMA’s Prices

Based on the information on the website, subscriptions for teams and individual agents are available at a price of $ 216 per year or $ 20 per month. It includes automatic software updates, the MLS interface, support, ongoing service and customer training. There are other options that will suit companies with prices starting at $ 80 per month. For more information, you can contact Realty Tools by email or phone.

Review results

ToolkitCMA is the best option for those users who want a simple, professional, and consistent CMA report. It has a good reputation in the field of real estate, a rating above average on the review sites.

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