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MoxiPresent is software from MoxiWorks with a set of different tools that helps to make a comparative analysis of the market, provides an integrated way to conduct a presentation, and allows agents to determine the price recommendation for the home.

Since the platform cooperates with brokerage companies and focuses on firms with more than 100 real estate agents, prices may vary.

The company was founded in 2010 and quickly gained momentum in the real estate market.

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Real Estate
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MoxiPresent’s Features

MoxiPresent is CMA real estate software with which you can forecast prices, manage contacts, capture potential customers, use presentation tools, generate templates and offers. The main target customer of MoxiWorks is large teams and brokerage companies. Usually, they are looking for firms with more than 100 employees.

MoxiWorks does not sell options to startup agents or small teams, because this is a difficult obstacle for any agents in this category who are interested in the company.

MoxiPresent comes as part of MoxiWork’s CRM and MoxiEngage. Other products such as MoxiHub or MoxiTalent and their website are optional additions.

MoxiPresent provides the most up-to-date property information every time a presentation opens. It can integrate with your MLS, perform the process of automatically filling in data on properties, market trends and comparable properties, which can be performed in one click.

You can also edit on the fly to quickly respond to your customers’ requests. This will make it possible to make adjustments in real-time and easily overcome objections.

MoxiPresent offers highlights that the list in CMA can be displayed with actual driving times anywhere. Users love this personal touch that enables them to imagine their life in every home.

The tour tool for the buyer shows the details of the property, displays the route and allows them to take notes and evaluate the house on a 5-star scale.

MoxiPresent includes training through webinars, documentation, personal and online sessions. The company has an open and detailed training course with videos on each element of the software. For example, if you are interested in the MoxiWorks toolkit, you can see them to learn more about the functionality and the user interface.

It also has direct integration with Buyside, which is a listing presentation strategy and can be a major selling point argument.

Review results

MoxiPresent is ideal for you if you have a brokerage server or transaction software and want to integrate it into a more reliable technology stack.

MoxiPresent really doesn’t work if you do not participate in MoxiWorks for your brokerage software. It makes no sense to subscribe only to MoxiPresent, but if you are looking for a good set of tools for brokerage companies, then you should pay attention to MoxiWorks.

The company has a good rating on review websites. User reviews are mostly positive, most of them speak of it as user-friendly software with an excellent Buyer Tour. Others write that, on the contrary, it was a little difficult for them to figure out how this tool works.

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