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Juniper Square is a software company that transforms the private equity industry and simplifies reporting, investment management, and fundraising for real estate investors. Designed specifically for real estate, Juniper Square is trusted by hundreds of investors to manage more than 14,000 real estate investments.

The company’s mission is to make the world’s private capital markets more efficient, transparent, and accessible.

During its trial period, the platform helped its partners manage more than $ 25 billion in assets and nearly 20,000 investment positions.

Company Juniper Square Details
Fund Name:
Juniper Square
Net Assets:
1 Year Return:
Real Estate Investment
Primary Category:
Global Real Estate
United States

Juniper Square’s Services

One of the company’s products is SaaS software, which has a demo version. There is CRM, a notification of critical dates, and portfolio management for investors.

The combination of accounting tools and CRM is supported by a secure storage service and complies with SEC standards. It can be considered as a complete back-office investment management system, but the platform also notes that it is a personalized toolbar that helps customers keep up with their funds.

Juniper Square also has fundraising automation that works with advanced integrated tools and helps to raise more with less. You will be able to track and organize your team’s work via email, fundraising, and document sharing for each proposal. You will be able to focus on potential clients with the help of investment data and securely distribute offer documents through NDA-protected data rooms with maps, photographs, and more.

With the investor portal, you can ensure investment efficiency and secure access to documents in the cloud from any device and at any time. You will have the opportunity to reduce the risk of tax forms and other personalized documents, increase security by allowing users to manage their confidential data directly through the portal. Also, include detailed asset reports, also up to hundreds of asset-level metrics, photos, and more.

Another platform product is partnership accounting. These are simple and intuitive tools to automate your back office and replace spreadsheets. You can save time by using special transaction processing processes, such as NAV distribution or capital calls. There is a management of investor accounts with support for transfers, ownership of investments, and other complex investment structures.

Using the investor’s report, you will have the opportunity to create transaction notifications, custom statements for the capital account, and others. It is possible to reduce risk by automatically calculating the profitability of investors at the level of a position, portfolio, or investor.

Having the ability to manage clients, you will be equipped with a modern database for your potential, current investors, and other business contacts. You can more effectively collaborate, manage tasks, exchange information in your real estate team, and expand your investor base by collecting potential clients directly from your website.

Juniper Square offers its clients access to training through webinars, documentation, personal sessions, and online broadcasts.

Is Juniper Square Safe?

According to information on the Juniper Square website, data security is their top priority. The company is the only specialized housing investment management service provider to publicly announce compliance with SOC-2. Protocols such as AICPA SOC are an industry-leading way to evaluate software vendor data security practices. Independent auditors have also confirmed that the platform is compliant with this important set of standards.

Review results

Juniper Square is a one-stop investment management software that helps you raise more capital, increase investor satisfaction, and improve your investment operations. The company has a high rating on review sites, good security, and many different advantages.

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