Brivity Review is an affordable cloud web resource for brokers and real estate agents that works with transaction management and CRM.

The platform began operations in 2012 and is the flagship product for technical tools Ben Kinney, which also includes, Redman Tech, and Automabots.

In 2019, the company was named as the exclusive provider of KW Marketplace sites and Keller Cloud Innovation’s partner.

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Real Estate
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Brivity’s Services

Brivity has 5 different products that can be used and integrated individually or together:

  • Brivity CMA
  • Brivity CRM
  • Brivity IDX
  • Kwkly text-to-lead
  • Brivity valuations

The most popular features of the company are CMA software, an IDX website, and a text link service. It is a universal platform and pays special attention to the experience of working with users in the process of becoming your customers, including transaction management and reliable listing solutions.

For Brivity, managing transaction tasks is an important part of their work system. This is an area for creating action plans that will be further applied to your listings and transactions.

The “Marketing” option on the site contains tools for automatically promoting the list of social media sites. Also, for more listing support, there is an add-on for the CMA tool to integrate into your listing presentations.

Most sellers don’t know how to determine the market value of their property and by viewing ads on social networks about your valuation site, so they can get an instant range of property values ​​directly from your landing page.

Using the Brivity GO application and the user portal, you can always access your contacts, customers, and be sure that your customers will always have access to organized information that is related to the listing transaction.

Brivity’s Prices

Despite the fact that all prices for services vary from $ 99.99 to $ 599.99 per month, the company offers combinations of its services in different sets. The client can choose them according to their needs. Each of which costs about $ 100 per month. Also, the basic set of CRM for 2 persons is $ 99.99, the price for CRM services is $ 99.99 per month and for Kvkly text, service is $ 99 per month.

Review results

Of the advantages of Brivity, users distinguish demos, platform functionality, an effective lead magnet, and integration. The disadvantages of the platform are pricing policies – sometimes there is no price information, there is no one-click marketing option and forced registration.

Brivity is one of the easiest and most convenient tools for a team of real estate agents. The platform enables customers to manage their business, communicate effectively with users, and sell ads. With this comprehensive solution, users can simplify or even automate all business operations, earn more money, and increase their customer satisfaction.

In general, it is a good web service with a number of advantages and a higher than average rating on review sites. There are almost no negative comments, there are only recommendations for improving the work of the company.

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