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BoomTown is a web-site that provides software and premium property packages developed for brokerage companies and real estate agents.

The kit includes its own digital marketing agency, an IDX website focused on attracting paid potential customers and full CRM.

The company began operations in 2006 and has since made great strides in the housing business, working with leading manufacturing groups in North America.

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BoomTown’s Services

BoomTown is a platform that manages a growing database, creates new perspectives, and improves the performance of its real estate agents.

It offers three main solutions:

  • Launch — A tool to start your team.
  • Core — A tool to start working on growth and database.
  • Grow — A comprehensive system to support the growth of the market and potential customers.
  • Advance — Corporate platform for large enterprises that gives them the opportunity to expand the market.

BoomTown’s CRM has a very convenient interface for quickly tracking the status of any client and registering calls. You can send alerts about potential users from your site or BoomTown.

There is also “Now Wall”, which predicts customers in the database that you most need to contact and the “Ensuring Success” program to increase the number of potential customers.

The platform has a variety of functions like dotLoop, Mojo Dialer, BombBomb, Spacio, and others. There is even integration of Zapier with its catalog of partners.

The BoomTown portal “Marketing Central” enables customers to create their own advertising campaigns for Instagram and Facebook.

The web resource has “My Lists”, which can be compared by buyers in the database with your own lists as a tool for double-completion of a transaction. For brokerage companies and teams of real estate agents, this can be a good way to monetize the database. Most listing agents also sell this feature as a way to advertise their listings in a customer database.

BoomTown Advance supports Multi-MLS and provides access to centralized reporting, dashboards, and network websites to better transform potential users. It was designed to meet the needs of a growing business in the real estate industry and allows firms to connect even several websites.

This makes it possible to search on autopilot, allowing customers to easily manage their contacts, deals, test, and create emails.

Also, other advantages of the platform are a brand-level website, demo, applications that run on iOS and Android, accountability panels, and centralized reporting.

BoomTown’s Prices

Launch starts at $ 1,000 a month, offering CRM, IDX website integration, and various marketing tools for 3 agents. The Grow plan includes magnets for sellers and third-party integration for $ 1,750 a month for 10 agents. Zurple for $ 349 a month.

Review results

BoomTown will be great for small business owners, brokerage companies, real estate agent teams, and those who want to accelerate the growth of their business. The company has a good rating on review websites and can be considered a worthy platform.

BoomTown is used by America’s top teams and real estate agents. Automated marketing sales features allow companies to set up and simply select a website to attract potential users and further development.

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