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Cohen & Steers is an investment management company that began operations in 1986. It works with liquid real assets, preferred and common securities in the housing market, shares in natural resources, quoted infrastructure, and others.

Cohen & Steers provides customized investment strategies to institutional investors, including some of the world’s largest pension funds, endowments, and foundations.

The company operates worldwide. The main office is located in New York and other offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and London.

Company Cohen & Steers Details
Fund Name:
Cohen & Steers
Net Assets:
1 Year Return:
Real Estate Investment
Primary Category:
Real Estate
United States

Cohen & Steers Services

Cohen & Steers offers its users a wide range of options, competitive investment strategies, and asset classes.

Strategies are available through a wide range of investment tools, such as institutional accounts, mutual funds, SICAV, offshore, and land partnerships.

The platform is committed to providing good performance and service to its customers. The reputation of excellent quality allowed them to retain and attract the best investment professionals from the field of traditional securities analysis to specialized industry experience.

It can invest up to 20% of assets in securities of foreign issuers that meet all investment criteria. There are investments in such companies in the form of ADR, EDR, and GDR.

According to information from Morningstar, Cohen & Steers is high compared to others in the same category. Volatility indicators reflect the risk of a change in the value of security or uncertainty.

Also, the company returned 19.19% over the past year, 10.80% over the past three years, 8.35% over the past five years, and 13.70% over the past decade.

Cohen & Steers believes that job diversity and an inclusive culture support the ability to deliver the best results for their customers. Company employees from all over the world represent different cultures, talents, and experiences. It uses all this to provide innovative solutions for clients whom it serves and enhances the professional experience of employees.

An inclusive culture in which Cohen & Steers encourages employees to share their unique views is essential for their role as a leading investment manager.

The benefits for employees include medical, ophthalmic, dental, life insurance, and reimbursement of educational expenses. Also, holidays, weekends, stock incentive programs, a competitive compensation package, and retirement benefits.

Equal employment opportunity has been and will be a fundamental principle of the company. Here, employment is based on personal abilities and qualifications without discrimination based on sex, age, race, color, religion, health status, and other things.

Is Cohen & Steers Safe?

Cohen & Steers was on the list of the New York Stock Exchange in 2004 under CNS. The company maintains high standards of protection for its users and employees. He has developed robust security measures to meet relevant data protection requirements and has applied a global information management policy to all businesses and subsidiaries.

It regularly monitors security to ensure that systems and controls function in a reasonable manner to prevent unauthorized use of confidential information or unauthorized access.

Review results

The company is constantly supplementing investment proposals, developing strategies that are designed to meet the growing demand of investors for real profit and dividend income.

Despite the fact that Cohen & Steers has been working in the real estate sector for quite some time, almost nothing is known about it. Employees who used to work in it say that the policy of the company is out of date, there is still sexism and pressure.

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